Welcome to my website!
The following pages represent some of my signature artwork. If you're not familiar with my work from meeting me on the road, you'll discover that I'm big on color & texture and I incorporate my original techniques into all that I do. I generally work to create that which I've never before seen, often with a 'what will happen if' approach. The result is my own eclectic, absolutely unique style, magnified by the brilliance of dichroic glass. It's so much more dynamic in person!

I'm only able to include a small sample of artwork on the site, so if there's something special you're looking for please ask and I'll do my best to work with you via photos back & forth. And, if interested, check out my 'what is dichroic glass?' page to learn more about the glass.

The 2016 season is underway -- so far, so good. It's been great seeing so many familiar faces -- and I thank you for your continued support!
As always, I'll be returning to many favorite events and will also venture out to some new ones.

Please check my 'art fair schedule' from time to time to find out where I'll be. I'll still be adding more events -- waiting on confirmations, etc.. If you know of an event that would be a good fit for me, I'd truly appreciate the information. Thanks!
See you soon! Barbara

Any questions or comments, please let me know:
All artwork on this website including designs & concepts are copyrighted.
Reproduction of any artwork, including images, without expressed written consent is prohibited.
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A recent observation.......
Though I've not traipsed all around the globe, my glass has.
It has found homes in:  Germany, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, Japan, England, Russia, China, Norway, Ukraine, Iran, Turkey, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, Scotland & Brazil.
Anything else I can add?  I would love to know!
Custom Vessel Sink
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