I am selling my Dichroic Glass Jewelry on Amazon Handmade!

When my art fairs canceled in 2020, I continued working with my fabulous Dichroic Glass.  Needing a venue to sell my work, I decided upon Amazon Handmade.  There’s a nice variety of artwork on the site, and it’s a good fit for me.
Even though my art fairs have resumed, I continue to add new creations on Amazon Handmade.
It’s been fun introducing my work to art lovers across the country!  And those of you who continue to support my efforts in person at the fairs, now have an easy way to pick up a quick gift – and shipping is free!
You can find me at: 


 Welcome to my website!  

The following pages represent some of my signature artwork.  If you’re not familiar with my work from meeting me on the road, you’ll soon discover that I’m big on color & texture and I incorporate my original techniques into all that I do.
I generally work to create that which I’ve never before seen, often with a ‘what will happen if’ approach.  The result is my own eclectic, absolutely original style, magnified by the brilliance of spectacular dichroic glass.  It’s so much more dynamic in person!


dichroic glass meets titanium



an observation…….

Though I’ve not traipsed all around the globe, my glass has.
It has found homes in:
Germany, Australia, Sweden, Ireland, Japan, England, Russia, China, Norway, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Iran, El Salvador, Turkey, France, Canada, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Luxembourg, Peru, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Hungary, Chile, Libya, Sardinia & Thailand.
Anything else I can add?  I would love to know!


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